Lisa Woods ’92 helps move Tacoma forward as city’s chief equity officer | New


Woods oversees the city’s Equity and Empowerment Framework, guided by Racial Equity Action Resolution 40622, passed by the Tacoma City Council in 2018. Resolution 40622 notes that Tacoma’s existing systems n failed to adequately meet the needs of members of the black community and other communities. members of color and ask the city manager to help resolve the issues.

In partnership with city services, Woods and his staff help assess how community services are delivered and may even create new racial inequalities. “We better understand how connected our processes are in creating disparities,” she says. “We trained our workforce on what equity is, how to see things through an equity lens, and dissected how we do what we do. We are usually a part of the system, but often the part we can change can still make a difference.

She is enthusiastic about encouraging community member participation in Tacoma’s commissions, explaining the work of the commissions and the reasons for volunteering. “I enjoy developing and empowering people, giving information and helping them understand their roles, their level of influence, their power to act and how they can make a difference,” she says.

During his employment with the City of Tacoma, Woods facilitated many such meetings, workshops, conversations and trainings. Cross-functional and cross-organizational teams make it easier to learn more about your organization, she notes. This teamwork drives personal development – ​​your leadership and what you bring to the conversation.

“Intentionally seeking out these opportunities was probably one of the most important things,” she says.

In her hugely charged and multifaceted role, Lisa is often heard to bring calm and peace. “We work in a very chaotic environment, so bringing a sense of stability and a sense of peace is something valuable. I hear those comments a lot.

Woods can also translate between different groups of people, so they can hear what others are saying. “I think it’s a gift because of my creative and global perspective,” she says. “I’m just listening to aspects of that big picture that can help others make the connection.”

Powered Lute is a project spotlighting PLU alumni in some of the best-known organizations in the Puget Sound area. Lisa Woods ’92 is the third of three lutes presented by the City of Tacoma. The previous Lute Powered series spotlighted PLU alumni at Amazon and MultiCare Health System.


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