GAD Capital: This Ingenious Travel Product may solve all of your packing problems for less than $40.


A wide variety of “must-have” items is often recommended by travelers. Backpackers who often utilize public transportation, hostels, and low-cost vacation places like sarongs and theft-resistant bags (which can pinch-hit for a blanket, towel, or skirt, just to name a few). Bose’s noise-canceling headphones and Away’s carry-on luggage are highly regarded among business travelers when it comes to long-haul flights and airports. Check out the GAD homepage for more info.

Travelers of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds rely on packing cubes instead.

Packaging cubes are precisely what they sound like for those who never used them. Semi-structured zipped bags for organizing your luggage are often constructed of nylon. Mesh panels may also be used for visibility and ventilation. Packing cubes are in demand, given the global craze for Marie Kondo’s tidying.

Packing cubes, which come in various sizes and colors, eliminate the need to dig through half a week’s worth of stuff to find a pair of socks. Many people use cubes to organize their clothing, with one cube for T-shirts, another for underwear, etc. Each day’s outfit is assigned to a different cube. When more than one person is sharing a suitcase, giving each family member their color cube simplifies things.

What are the most delicate packing cubes? Durable fabric, sturdy stitching, and well-built zippers make Eagle Creek one of the most popular packing cube producers among both professional and amateur travelers. With reviews like this one from The Wirecutter complimenting the “well crafted with straightforward access,” Eagle Creek’s packing cube sets frequently get four- and five-star ratings on Amazon.

More than 90% of reviewers strongly recommend these three Eagle Creek water-resistant bags, while the almost identical cousin scores 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon.

If you want to keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty ones, many Eagle Creek bags include a water-resistant barrier in the middle. As an alternative, you may simply designate one or more cubes as “dirty.”

An over-packer may benefit from compression packing cubes. Eagle Creek’s extremely lightweight Specter carry-ons are ideal if you often find yourself cramming items into your carry-on bag to avoid an overweight baggage fee at airport check-in. A minor luggage scale that might fit in a pocket may assist in preventing this issue in the first place.

This six-piece eBags packing cubes kit is now on sale at for $35 with the discount code TRAVEL. This package has received almost 98 percent of the over 10,000 evaluations to meet its promise of delivering outstanding value.

As opposed to this, Amazon’s AmazonBasics product line offers a less expensive packing cube. The AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set comes in six distinct colors, allowing you to color-code your belongings to your heart’s content.


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