8 hair color trends you’ll want to try in fall 2022, according to the pros


If you’re a hot weather obsessive like me, then you probably need more than the promise of a pumpkin spice latte to pump you up for the chilly temperatures that fall is sure to bring. And what better way to do that than to update your hair with one of the trending fall 2022 hair colors? Because, let’s be honest, there are few sensations that rival the euphoria one feels when leaving the salon with a fresh new color.

Meet our experts: Shvonne Perkinschief colorist at Madison Roseau, Min Kimcolor specialist at butterfly workshop At New York, Michelle Schindlerartistic director of Innersense and founder of Seven & Satin Lounge in Beverly Hills, Irinel De Leonhairstylist and global Dyson ambassador

Before you book that salon appointment, you’ll need a color plan, and while nature is a great first place to look for hair color inspiration, there are plenty of other more qualified sources out there. can help us. in the right direction for the colors that will be on trend this fall. For example, we consulted four expert colorists to find out what colors their clients were asking for this fall and how to achieve those looks.

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One thing is certain, say Shvonne Perkinschief colorist at Madison Roseau“the red trend is here to stay.”

Ready to go to the salon? Scroll to find the perfect on-the-go inspiration…

1. Rich brunette

Hesitant to go back to your brown roots? Michelle Schindlerstylist and founder of Seven & Satin Lounge said to ask for “rich brunette”. According to Schnidler, this color kicks the naturale trend up a notch by giving “the illusion of natural color, which is created by playing up the natural tone and adding some dimensional enhancements.” Make no mistake: while the color may seem one-color, it’s not.

“It reveals a slight change from the natural color, giving the hair a sunnier, livelier look while still reading the brunette,” Schindler explains.

2. “Curl”-Lights

This one is a balayage shape, which means the highlights won’t go all the way to the roots and will mostly focus on the mid-lengths to the ends. “

It’s a great way to play with color, texture and tone,” says Schindler. “I like to do teased highlights all over the head and really saturate each foil with a highlighter. I always go heavier with my foiling at the front of the head as the top layer of the hair is more exposed to the sun, and lessens the foils and color intensity towards the back of the head and the under layer which is less exposed to the sun.

3. copper curls

Speaking of curls, Kim says there’s been a big and well-deserved resurgence in natural curls over the past couple of years. “A major curl color trend will be bright, bold copper,” she says. “The naturally sexy nature of natural curls pairs perfectly with these warm and striking red colors.”

4. Warm red-brown

If copper seems a little too bold but you still want to dip your toes into the redder tones, consider asking your colorist to try a warm red-brown. According Irinel De Leon, hairstylist and global Dyson ambassador, the warm reddish brown is the perfect transition into the new season. “It’s a more toned down version of the brassy trend,” she says.

5. Toasted caramel

Not ready to give up the blonde you’ve been rocking all summer, but want a slight change of tone? Go for golden tones instead of an icy cold blonde!

“Adding gold to the formula will enrich the color and add more depth,” says Schindler, who adds that it’s a great way to start the transition to a bit darker, richer color. “The great thing with this color is that it can be created by making a full head of baby lights, playing around with existing color placement, or enhancing the color with a silver coin and dabs of color at the ends,” she says.

6. Low maintenance dimensional highlight

If you’re not looking for a total overhaul and also want your maintenance to be minimal, consider asking your stylist for a low-maintenance dimensional highlight. Kim says this allows you to have a darker root which will prolong regrowth.

“Overall, colorists use the summer highlight canvas to create a slightly deeper tone for fall,” she explains. “It’s also the healthiest option for all hair types: the less treatment on the hair, the better.”

7. Auburn Spice

Looking for that apple picking and fall girl aesthetic? Consider trying this PSL-inspired color. “Adding warm tones in the hair is one of my favorite ways to turn my summer blondes into a spiced autumn auburn,” says Schindler. “If the [existing] color placement still looks good, play with the idea of ​​a warm color fusion.”

Schindler likes to start with a rich auburn color on the roots, which she then blends into a golden copper. “It’s a great way to show clients versatility with hair color,” she says.

8. Cherry-Cola

While Perkins insists that soft strawberry blonde and copper shades aren’t going away anytime soon, she expects to see an insurrection of vibrant purple and red hues in dark red brunettes, “creating a cherry-cola look with mahogany tones that fall between red and purple.”

One way to try this trend, says Perkins, is to add a pop of red to brunette hair with a temporary mask like the Madison Reed Chromotherapy Mask in Rubino. “You’ll see that the depth of the brunette stays the same, but the red sheen shows through in the light,” she says.


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